“Gavin did a great job producing the sound effects and music for our latest title. He captured the theme of the game perfectly in the soundtrack, and the quality of the sound effects were fantastic! I’ll look forward to working with Gavin again on future projects.”
Paul Virapen, Big Pixel Studios

“Gavin’s work on Cyberstream Fugitive exceeded all expectations and is so good, it should really be in a film not a game. The only problem is that the music is so catchy, I can’t stop whistling it.”
Byron Atkinson-Jones, Xiotex Studios

“Gavin is my go-to guy when it comes to having music done. No matter what ideas or requests I throw at him, he always comes up with the right sound and style. Pleasure to work with him, always quick to get things done and changed when, and if, needed!”
Pascal Bestebroer, OrangePixel

“I find Gavin to be an inspirational and talented artist. He communicates efficiently, completes work in a timely manner, and produces results that exceed expectations. I feel confident that I could ask Gavin to complete music of any style, instrumentation, or emotion, and he would deliver exactly what I wanted. He is truly a pleasure to work with.”
Matthew Blankenship, Cybernate

“Gavin did some great work for us on Daley Thompson’s Decathlon – he really got a good feel for the needs of the game and the style we were going for, and delivered us just what was needed both in terms of music and spot-effects.”
Chris Chapman, Black Company Studios

“Gavin is an exceptionally talented individual. Having worked with him on multiple occasions we find that he continuously goes above and beyond our expectations, crafting exquisite musical masterpieces that convey precisely the ideas and themes we send his way as means of a brief. On top of all of this he always delivers on time if not sooner than expected and is a jolly nice chap, one of the nicest in the industry. We look forward to working with him again very soon!”
David Fullick, Monster and Monster

“Working with Gavin on Life of Pixel was fantastic – he was very professional and completely open to feedback, and we were delighted with the end results. Would definitely like to work with Gavin again on future projects.”
Richard, Super Icon

“Gavin has been instrumental in making sure our sound design was on par with the top HD graphics we had integrated in our game. Thank you Gavin for your fantastic work.”
Etienne Jambou, Magma Mobile

“He is one of the nicest guys in this industry to work so anybody who is looking for a talented audio guy should not miss the opportunity to work with him.”
Özden Irmak, Klik! Games

“I brought Gavin Harrison in to score a trailer for a videogame project based on a role playing game and setting that I created (Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein). Gavin came recommended by a game developer I trusted, and I very quickly found out why.
Gavin’s work is exceptional. From vague, airy-fairy hints and preferences discussed over email, and with input from three others, Mr Harrison absolutely nailed the tone of the trailer on first pass. From there, working with the animator and the voice actor, the rest was fine tuning. I’m sure that couldn’t have been anywhere as easy as he made it seem, but he delivered.

The final orchestral score for the piece remains one of my favourite tracks ever. Even without the visuals and the voice track, it sends a thrill up the spine. If you can hire this man and you do not, you are making a serious mistake. I sincerely believe Gavin Harrison is going to be as close to a star as composer/performers ever get in games, films, or anywhere else he ends up.”
Iain Lowson

“[on Gunglugs]…Especially if you have this fantastic music that goes along that once again has been made by the great Gavin Harrison, while writing this review I had the music playing in the background as the main theme for Gunslugs gives me chills of how fantastic it all sounds. There’s an option to turn it off but if you do that your iOS device explodes with shrap metal hurting everyone around you. Or at least it should as you clearly don’t know greatness when you hear it.”