About me

My interest in sound began at only 5 years old. My grandparents had an upright piano and I was fascinated by the different sounds it made. During my early school years, like many others, I took up the recorder. This taught me how to read music – a significant step towards my future.I didn’t know it at the time, but I had a life-changing experience when I was 10. One of my teachers played us a film clip (sadly, I can’t remember which). First, he played it with dialogue, but no music. Then, he repeated it – with music. We were all astounded by the difference in the emotion we felt. That throwaway few minutes – that I’m sure no one else remembers – made me want to create sound and be behind that difference.

Fast-forward a few years… I left my recorder-playing days behind me, but continued with the piano and took up the guitar. During my early teenage years, I even took lessons on the church organ! Eventually I found myself in a gigging band, playing both keyboard and guitar in front of several hundred people each week. I also studied music technology at Cambridge Regional College and took a short MIDI course at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

My studio

I’ve dipped my toes in many waters as I’ve built my career.

In film and TV… I was the sound editor on My Tumour and I (Tom Shrapnel). I’m a composer for Audio Network where I have worked with Terry Devine-King (Heavy Rain) and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. My music has been featured on TV programmes such as Rome: The History of an Eternal City (BBC HD), Panorama (BBC 1) and Channel 4’s 2012 Paralympics coverage.

In games… my music spans a vast spectrum of genres, from chiptune music to full orchestral pieces. I’ve worked with Future Games Of London, OrangePixel and Jonathan Ross’ Hotsauce Interactive.

Album releases… in 2007, I collaborated with Hong-Kong-based Jeff Caylor to create original music and remix his album.

Simply put, I enjoy writing music, be it for games, TV, film or my nephew’s birthday party. I work from my studio in Suffolk, with rolling countryside at my door. I am open to commissions from all industries and can work to most schedules and budgets. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, whether you have an initial idea or your project is in full swing. You’ll find me at contact@gavinharrisonsounds.com